A story of recovery from loss

“Learning to Walk is an accurate and more importantly, honest account of what Lisa went through during her recovery from meningococcal septicaemia.

I have what should be a beautiful memory of sitting on the sofa with Lisa. She was home from work with what we assumed was a flu, and she cuddled into me for warmth. Shortly after I left for work. That memory is tainted by the fact that when I came home around 8am the next morning, Lisa’s condition had rapidly deteriorated and she was all but unresponsive. I could not believe how quickly Lisa had become so sick and I can attest for how rapidly meningococcal disease takes hold. 

Learning to walk is not a story about a tragedy, it is story about success in spite of it. It is not about getting through a hardship, it is about living with hardship, and making a success of that life regardless. ”                                                                                                            Aaron Burnette